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Learning Content Design and Development by breakfree consulting
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Learning Content Design

Explore our dynamic Content Management Services that not only enhance learning effectiveness but also make it enjoyable. Experience the future of knowledge dissemination through our Learning Content Design services, where our experts craft engaging learning experiences aligned with your business goals. Outsource your content creation to us for expertly designed video content, mobile learning platforms, and precise eLearning modules. Embrace digital learning with interactive apps and SCORM-ready courses. Our commitment to innovation shines in mobile-first microlearning modules, ensuring quick and targeted knowledge delivery in the digital learning space. Choose BreakFree Consulting for a revolutionary approach to learning!


we provide fresh (new-age) customised solutions expertise – building from the ground up

  • Strategic Planning and Development:

    • eLearning strategy development
    • Continuous learning and upskilling programs
    • Learning technology roadmap development
  • Content Design and Delivery:

    • Mobile-first learning
    • Microlearning implementation
    • Video learning production
    • Gamification in learning
    • Content curation and aggregation
    • Adaptive learning strategies
    • Content authoring tools
    • Cross-platform learning experiences
  • Collaborative and Social Learning:

    • Peer learning facilitation
    • Community learning platforms
    • Social learning integration
    • Remote learning support
  • Technological Integration:

    • Integration of AI and ML
    • AR/VR integration
    • Blockchain for learning credentials
    • Learning analytics and reporting
    • LMS optimization
    • Employee engagement strategies
  • User Experience and Accessibility:

    • User experience (UX) design for learning
    • Accessibility and inclusivity
    • Security and compliance in eLearning
    • Data privacy and security in eLearning
  • Specialized Areas:

    • Flipped classroom models
    • Feedback and assessment strategies
    • Content gamification and reward systems
    • Sustainability in learning
    • Content localization and globalization
    • Employee engagement strategies


  1. Contractual Staffing for all eLearning needs i.e. graphic design, storyboarding etc:

    • What: Engage for skilled instructional designers to create detailed storyboards, graphic design etc.
    • Why Consider: Expert storyboarding ensures a clear roadmap for content creation, aligning with instructional goals.
  2. Conversion of Content into SCORM Packages:

    • What: Outsource the conversion of PowerPoint and Word content into SCORM-compliant packages.
    • Why Consider: SCORM compatibility ensures seamless integration with various LMS platforms.
  3. Interactive Content Development:

    • What: Outsource the creation of interactive elements such as quizzes, simulations, and scenarios.
    • Why Consider: Interactivity enhances engagement and facilitates active participation.
  4. Video Production and Editing:

    • What: Delegate video production tasks for instructional videos and multimedia presentations.
    • Why Consider: Professionally produced videos enhance the visual appeal of learning materials.
  5. Adaptive Learning Path Design:

    • What: Outsource the design of adaptive learning paths leveraging AI and machine learning.
    • Why Consider: Adaptive learning enhances personalization, optimizing the learning journey.
  6. Localization and Globalization Services:

    • What: Engage for the localization and globalization of learning content.
    • Why Consider: Customized content ensures cultural relevance and effectiveness for diverse audiences.
  7. LMS Integration and Optimization:

    • What: Outsource integration and optimization of Learning Management Systems.
    • Why Consider: Properly integrated and optimized LMS platforms enhance content delivery efficiency.
  8. Accessibility Compliance:

    • What: Outsource ensuring learning content meets accessibility standards.
    • Why Consider: Accessibility compliance ensures inclusivity and regulatory alignment.
  9. Continuous Improvement Initiatives:

    • What: Outsource ongoing review, updates, and improvement of learning content.
    • Why Consider: Continuous improvement adapts training materials to changing business needs and industry trends.
  10. New Product or Process Content Design:

    • What: Outsourcing the design of content related to new products or processes.
    • Why Consider: Specialized content design ensures effective training for the introduction of new products or processes.
  11. Global Perspective:

    • Service Offered: Bringing a global perspective to content design, considering diverse learner needs.
    • Why Consider: BreakFree Consulting understands the importance of cultural relevance and customization for a global audience, enhancing the effectiveness of the learning experience.
  12. State-of-the-Art Technologies:

    • Service Offered: Utilizing the latest technologies in learning design, including AI, AR, VR, and adaptive learning solutions.
    • Why Consider: BreakFree Consulting stays at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring clients benefit from cutting-edge solutions for engaging and effective learning experiences.


  • Learning Management Systems (LMS):

    • Implementing and customizing LMS platforms tailored to organizational needs.
    • Integrating LMS with existing systems for streamlined data management.
    • Providing LMS administration and support services.
  • Mobile Learning Apps:

    • Developing mobile learning apps for on-the-go and personalized learning experiences.
    • Ensuring user-friendly interfaces and feature-rich functionalities.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Platforms:

    • Creating immersive AR/VR learning experiences and simulations.
    • Integrating AR/VR platforms into the overall learning strategy.
  • AI and ML-Driven Platforms:

    • Integrating AI and ML technologies for personalized and adaptive learning experiences.
    • Utilizing data-driven insights to enhance content relevance and learner engagement.
  • Interactive Multimedia Platforms:

    • Developing interactive multimedia elements, such as animations, simulations, and gamified content.
    • Enhancing engagement and accessibility through interactive content.
  • Chatbot-Enabled Learning Platforms:

    • Implementing chatbots for on-demand learner support and guidance.
    • Enhancing user experience by providing instant assistance and answering queries.
  • Video Learning and Streaming Platforms:

    • Producing high-quality video learning content.
    • Ensuring seamless video streaming capabilities for uninterrupted learning experiences.
  • Social Learning Platforms:

    • Implementing social learning features within existing platforms.
    • Fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing through social interactions.
  • Gamified Learning Platforms:

    • Integrating gamification elements to motivate and engage learners.
    • Designing game-based learning modules for an interactive experience.
  • Collaborative Learning Platforms:

    • Facilitating collaborative learning through online platforms.
    • Creating community forums and spaces for knowledge sharing.
  • Remote Learning Platforms:

    • Designing strategies and platforms for effective remote learning.
    • Implementing technologies to support remote collaboration and training.
  • Continuous Learning Platforms:

    • Developing platforms that support continuous employee development.
    • Implementing initiatives to foster a culture of ongoing learning.
  • Content Authoring and Creation Platforms:

    • Evaluating and implementing content authoring tools for effective creation.
    • Providing training on the use of authoring tools for in-house teams.
  • Learning Analytics and Reporting Platforms:

    • Implementing tools for tracking learner progress and performance.
    • Analyzing data to optimize content and learning strategies.
  • Blockchain-Enabled Learning Credential Platforms:

    • Exploring blockchain technology for secure and verifiable learning credentials.
    • Designing systems for the issuance and validation of digital badges and certificates.

Our Advantage

Unlocking Solutions, Unleashing Success

1. Creative Thinking: A Journey into Discovery and Definition

a. Discover: We embark on a voyage of creative exploration, uncovering hidden challenges and addressing them at their source. Our innovative thinking goes beyond the obvious, bringing to light the intricacies that demand attention.

b. Define: Precision in problem-solving begins with a clear understanding. Through creative thinking, we not only discover but define the issues, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of the challenges at hand. This clarity becomes the foundation for effective solutions.

2. Competition Mapping: Navigating Market Realities

a. Compare: Our in-depth competition mapping involves a meticulous comparison of market dynamics. We analyze industry players, trends, and strategies to position you strategically, setting the stage for competitive advantage.

b. Confirm: Validation is key. We go beyond assumptions, confirming market insights and potential through rigorous analysis. This confirmation ensures that our strategies are grounded in verified information, enhancing their reliability.

3. Strategic Doing: Simplification and Flawless Implementation

a. Simplify: Complexity is streamlined through our strategic thinking. We distill intricate challenges into simple, actionable plans. Our approach ensures that the path forward is clear, making execution smoother and more effective.

b. Implement: Ideas come to life through precise execution. We take the simplified plan and transform it into reality, aligning every action with your objectives. Our commitment to flawless implementation ensures that strategies translate seamlessly into results.

4. Sustaining Results: Reviewing and Reinforcing Excellence

a. Review: Results are not static; they require continuous evaluation. Our governance structure incorporates regular reviews, scrutinizing outcomes against objectives. This ongoing assessment guarantees that your success remains on track.

b. Reinforce: To sustain success, reinforcement is vital. We proactively identify areas for improvement and fortify successful strategies. Through scheduled check-ins and adjustments, we reinforce the foundations of your achievements, ensuring enduring excellence.

In a world of challenges, BreakFree Consulting is your beacon of innovation, insight, and unwavering success. Experience the advantage that sets you free – where breakthroughs are not just promises but a way of consulting.




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We’re always exploring new tech like AI and ML to make learning exciting and cutting-edge!

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