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People Proficiency (LnD)

Empower your team's growth – your partner in unleashing people potential! Explore 200+ tailored programs inspired by World Economic Forum insights and best-selling books. Partner with us for strategic talent optimization, cultural understanding, and impactful leadership development. Outsource your training needs to experts at BreakFree Consulting. From virtual learning to high-level coaching, we tailor services to your unique requirements. Embrace the digital era with our innovative eLearning design, ensuring dynamic learning experiences.


we provide fresh (new-age) customised solutions expertise – building from the ground up

  • Workplace Culture- It includes vision, mission, purpose, values (your why, what and how)
  • Hiring & Retention
    • Hire-Right – leveraging Psychometric tools
    • Background checks
    • 30-60-90 days checks
    • Exit Interview
    • Contractual Staffing – tailored solutions for flexible experience & expertise.
  • HR Policy Design for Startup and MSME
  • Org Structure & Job Grading – evaluate roles, ensuring fair compensation and streamlined structures.
  • Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for MSME & Startups- Crafting unique benefits for standout employer branding
  • Employee Well-being and Employee Assistance (EAP) for MSME & Startups – enhancing mental health and work-life balance for positive workplace
  • DE&I and POSH – Tailored solutions for fostering diversity, equity, and a safe, respectful environment.


  1. Policy Formulation (Phase-wise): Structured development of policies in incremental phases to ensure comprehensive coverage and relevance.

  2. Compensation Designing: Crafting a strategic and competitive salary structure tailored to organizational goals and industry standards.

  3. Payroll Administration: Efficient management and execution of payroll processes for timely and accurate compensation distribution.

  4. Strategic Advice for Future: Providing forward-thinking guidance to align HR strategies with long-term organizational objectives.

  5. Creating KRAs: Defining Key Result Areas (KRAs) to establish clear performance expectations and objectives for employees.

  6. Statutory Advisory: Expert advice on compliance with statutory regulations, ensuring legal adherence in HR practices.

  7. Grievance Handling: Proactive resolution of employee concerns and conflicts to maintain a positive and harmonious work environment.

  8. Strategic HR: Aligning HR practices with overall business strategy to drive organisational growth and success.


  • Learning Management System (LMS): Centralized software to manage learning needs across the organisation.

  • Job Grading Software: Digitally assess and categorize roles based on responsibilities and skills, ensuring transparent job classification and streamlined career progression.
  • Performance Management Software: Tools to streamline performance appraisals, goal setting, and feedback processes for efficient performance management.
  • Employee Engagement Platforms: Online tools and surveys to measure, analyze, and improve employee engagement levels.

  • Workforce Analytics Tools: Leveraging data for insights into workforce trends, performance, and strategic decision-making.

  • Employee Recognition Software: Platforms to acknowledge and reward employee achievements and contributions.

  • Onboarding Software: Streamlining the onboarding process with digital tools for new employee orientation and integration.

  • HR Chatbots: AI-powered chatbots providing instant responses to employee queries, improving communication and efficiency.

  • Mobile HR Apps: Providing on-the-go access to HR processes and information through mobile applications for increased accessibility.
  • Benefits Administration Software: Managing employee benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks, digitally.

  • Employee Surveys and Feedback Apps: Gathering real-time feedback from employees to assess satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.

  • Collaboration and Communication Tools: Platforms facilitating internal communication, collaboration, and information sharing among employees.

Our Advantage

Unlocking Solutions, Unleashing Success

1. Creative Thinking: A Journey into Discovery and Definition

a. Discover: We embark on a voyage of creative exploration, uncovering hidden challenges and addressing them at their source. Our innovative thinking goes beyond the obvious, bringing to light the intricacies that demand attention.

b. Define: Precision in problem-solving begins with a clear understanding. Through creative thinking, we not only discover but define the issues, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of the challenges at hand. This clarity becomes the foundation for effective solutions.

2. Competition Mapping: Navigating Market Realities

a. Compare: Our in-depth competition mapping involves a meticulous comparison of market dynamics. We analyze industry players, trends, and strategies to position you strategically, setting the stage for competitive advantage.

b. Confirm: Validation is key. We go beyond assumptions, confirming market insights and potential through rigorous analysis. This confirmation ensures that our strategies are grounded in verified information, enhancing their reliability.

3. Strategic Doing: Simplification and Flawless Implementation

a. Simplify: Complexity is streamlined through our strategic thinking. We distill intricate challenges into simple, actionable plans. Our approach ensures that the path forward is clear, making execution smoother and more effective.

b. Implement: Ideas come to life through precise execution. We take the simplified plan and transform it into reality, aligning every action with your objectives. Our commitment to flawless implementation ensures that strategies translate seamlessly into results.

4. Sustaining Results: Reviewing and Reinforcing Excellence

a. Review: Results are not static; they require continuous evaluation. Our governance structure incorporates regular reviews, scrutinizing outcomes against objectives. This ongoing assessment guarantees that your success remains on track.

b. Reinforce: To sustain success, reinforcement is vital. We proactively identify areas for improvement and fortify successful strategies. Through scheduled check-ins and adjustments, we reinforce the foundations of your achievements, ensuring enduring excellence.

In a world of challenges, BreakFree Consulting is your beacon of innovation, insight, and unwavering success. Experience the advantage that sets you free – where breakthroughs are not just promises but a way of consulting.




I had the pleasure of working with Consultio as part of a 6 month to ‘Regional Retail Leadership.

Robbu Stew

Strategy for Norway’s Peion to Fund Global.

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Our ‘People Proficiency’ services ensure that your teams are not just competent but continually evolving, driving innovation and success in the ever-changing business landscape.

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Melbourne, Australia
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